Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flying Silver Muffin in the Sky

So this friday I was listening to Radio and found out a now famous story of a balloon that looks like a muffin shaped UFO flying amok in Colorado that may or may not have a 6 year old boy inside.
He wasn't.  Falcon (the kid's name) was safe at home playing with a box in the attic.  The father of Falcon, Richard Heene, is a man with passion for science experiments such as chasing storms, looking for extraterrestrials and building flying saucers.  Now he is under heavy attack from everyone who self-appointed themselves as VP of common sense.  They say he is irresponsible and should know better.
I for one applaud his passion.  I would have loved to have a father like that. I want to invite him to become an honorary member of Skytime, consider this an open invitation. He can post everything he's done that deals with sky.  This will be great. I'm sure he is swamped right now - but in a couple of month I will be writing him a letter of invitation! - TS

Monday, October 12, 2009


Check the Ebay auction page HERE.
Their asking price is $59,000 - but you can make them an offer as well.
What would be a fair offer? $5000? $10000?  I see 2 people has already made offers.
I think this will be an awesome Intermedia gadget for Elaine, put the projectors in each compartment for instance.  Can she put it on a roof somewhere? Possibilities are endless!
They have other Amusement Park ride for sale such as Drop Tower and Roller Coaster.

Here's what the seller say about it:

"For sale is a Amusement Park Ride called "SKY DIVER". It is a complete set-up that is ready to go at your location. Can be used at Carnivals, Fun Fairs, Fairgrounds, or Amusement Parks. What an awesome set-up!! Everything is in great working and looking condition.

These rides were use at Blue Diamond Park in New Castle Delaware until last years and are all in full working order. The park was closed down this year and we are selling off all of the rides. There will be aprox. 10 major Amusement Park rides listed by us. Please view my other auctions.

If you have any other questions you can either email me or call me at 973-896-8909 (Dean)."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Journey to the Stars

A dazzling show at Hayden Planetarium - great show on its own, but it's even greater for us since the show is produced by an astrophysicist Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, a son of Jackson Mac Low- poet, performance artist, composer and a great friend of Fluxus and Emily Harvey.
He says: "We tried to bring the whole history of the universe and our place in it, and why life exists on earth, all in one show,"

Check this great article on NY Daily News and Hayden Planetarium.